September 12th to 17th

Unveiling the Ultimate Luxury Yachting Icon: Cosmopolitan 77

Cosmopolitan Yachts introduces the new catamaran yacht design, the Cosmopolitan 77 aluminium catamaran model, at the prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 from September 12th to 17th. This exquisite masterpiece revolutionizes maritime elegance, setting new benchmarks in yachting innovation.

Setting a New Standard: The Cosmopolitan 77 is not just a yacht; with the ability to effortlessly accommodate helicopter landings, this vessel elevates luxury to new heights. Embracing a beach club, three private terraces, a jet ski garage and a sprawling 400-square-meter interior and exterior space, it defines outdoor sophistication.

Unmatched Interior: Crafted for unparalleled comfort, the Cosmopolitan 77 redefines luxury through a harmonious blend of interior and exterior spaces. Its flexible design offers dedicated room for VIP cabins on the main deck. The yacht boost 200 sqr meters of interior and 200 sqr meters of exterior space offering an infinite amount of layout possibilities customized for each Client.

Revolutionary Hybrid Power: The Cosmopolitan 77 showcases the latest hybrid technology, fusing unmatched power with eco-conscious efficiency. The synergy of performance and sustainability ushers in a new era of responsible yachting.