April 3rd to 7th - 2024

Cosmopolitan Yachts Confirms Cosmopolitan 70 Build, unveils groundbreaking Cosmopolitan 85 and announces world presentation of Cosmopolitan 125 at la Grande-Motte Multihulls show.

Cosmopolitan Yachts heralds a new era in yachting with the confirmation of the build of the Cosmopolitan 70, revolutionizing the luxury catamaran market. Crafted from marine-grade aluminium, our yachts boast enhanced strength and recyclability, complemented by sustainable interior materials, an unmatched hybrid-electrical propulsion for superior eco-performance and transatlantic range, seaworthiness and minimal crew needs. Our commitment to emission reduction and eco-friendly practices marks a significant step towards the future of yachting.

It’s the perfect choice for those seeking efficient, luxurious exploration. Setting a new standard in environmentally conscious boating.

We’re also proud to introduce the Cosmopolitan 85, featuring a first-in-class touch-and-go helideck. Aimed at adventurers who desire the ultimate in luxury and functionality, it offers spacious living, cutting-edge technology and customized interiors in a pocket-sized superyacht.

Expanding our vision we’re developing a 500 GT superyacht catamaran platform of 125 feet to transform the superyacht scene by combining luxurious space with catamaran efficiency and stability, crafted for discerning owners who demand the best in luxury, performance, and eco-responsibility.

About Cosmopolitan Yachts: At the forefront of yachting innovation, Cosmopolitan Yachts is dedicated to crafting state-of-the-art aluminium catamarans that redefine luxury, performance, and sustainability in the yachting industry. Join us on this exciting journey towards a new horizon in luxury yachting.

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